Unleash the Untaught Learning Competencies through Online, Shareable, and Offline Video Lectures in the Philippines

Volume 5 Issue 1 (January 2023)
Sherwin P. Batilantes
Pages: 27-38 Download Count : 608 View Count: 949 DOI Number 10.55236/tuara.1066049 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


The study aimed to determine the benefits of Project OSO: Online, Shareable, and Offline video lectures to seventh-grade students during the Flipped Classroom implementation to resolve the untaught mathematics learning competencies before the school year ended. The study employed the experimental research design with three groups. Using the cluster random sampling technique, these three groups were selected from the seventh-grade population as respondents and were randomly assigned with the three proposed interventions named Project OSO. These three groups underwent the same set of questionnaires as pre-test and post-test before and after the interventions. These 40-item multiple-choice research instruments were evaluated, reviewed and quality assured by an expert panel of evaluators using the conducted pilot testing and the generated Cronbach alpha index. The study's findings revealed that learners' test scores differed significantly among the three groups based on one-way ANOVA. However, the Tukey post hoc test showed that the Flipped Online group differed substantially from the Flipped Shareable and Offline groups. Consequently, Project OSO was considered a valuable resource in the Flipped Classroom implementation and highly recommended for instructing learners when the teacher was out due to school-related functions among these three video lectures platforms. These platforms were the flipped online, flipped shareable, and flipped offline video lectures that the learners could probably learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere


  • Flipped online videos
  • flipped shareable videos
  • flipped offline videos
  • ancillary services
  • unattained learning competencies
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