Volume 2 Issue 2 (July 2020)

July 2021

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Team Teaching Approach on Academic Performance of Students in Faculty of Education

Shehu Haruna Muza
Pages: 58-63

The study examined the Effects of Team Teaching Approach on Academic Performance of Students in Faculty of Education in Kebbi state university of science and technology, Aliero, Nigeria. The study used quasi-experimental research design and 162 UG II students from Faculty of Education were used. The study used self constructed open and closed ended questionnaires as data collection instrument. The study answered two (2) hypotheses. The data analysis tools was independent sample t-test which is used in testing of the two null hypotheses postulated by the study. The study revealed that that students who were exposed to the use of team teaching approach (experimental group) scored higher and were significantly different from those who were taught with the single teacher approach (control group); no significant difference was established between the mean scores of UG II male and female students taught using team teaching approach (Experimental group). The study recommended that lecturers in the faculty should be encouraged to adopt team teaching approach for their students for optimum academic performance as the approach has proven to be the best

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Views of Students and Teachers About Role of Homework Implementation on Students’ Academic Success

Tuba Demirbag
Pages: 64-77

In this research, it was tried to determine what are the views of students and teachers about role of homework implementation on academic success of students. Working group of this reseach consist of 12 eighth grade students studying in Cumayeri district of Düzce province and 10 teachers working in different branches within Ministry of National Education. While the qualitative research method was used in the study, the case study was used as the research technique. Semi-structured interview form was used as data collection tool and expert opinion was consulted for the suitability of the questions. While students was interviewed as face-to-face method and voice recorder was used to record data, face to face interviews method could not carried out in the specified timeframe due to global epidemic pandemic that intterupted schools and caused education to be distance. Therefore, data collection completed by sending mails to teachers that consist of purpose of the research and interview questions. Content analysis was used in the analysis of the data that obtained from the interview questions applied to teachers and students. As a result of the research, for students, it was found that purposes of the homework are in the direction of repetition and reinforcement, they have generally positive attitudes towards the homework and the homework have an impact on their development and academic success. As for teachers; it was found that purposes of giving homework are to help reinforce subject, improves students' responsibility and develop autonomous learning skills. In case of without homework, permanent learning would not occur so regular homework is effective on academic success.

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Determination of Factors that Contribute to Postgraduate Students’ Delay in their Thesis/Dissertation Completion

Nnebedum Chidi Obuegbe Adaobi Sylvia
Pages: 78-86

Most postgraduate students in federal and state universities rarely complete their thesis/dissertation at the appropriate time. It therefore becomes necessary to determine the factors that contribute to postgraduate students’ delay in their thesis/dissertation completion in federal and state universities in south east, Nigeria. The study was guided by two research questions and two hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Descriptive survey research design was utilized to assess 1,254 students sampled from a population of all the postgraduate students in federal and state universities, south east, Nigeria using multistage sampling procedure. Questionnaire titled ‘‘Factors that Contribute to Delay in Postgraduate Students’ Thesis/Dissertation Completion (FCDPSTDC)’’ was used for data collection. The research questions were answered using mean and standard deviation and the hypotheses were tested using t-test. The findings of the study revealed among others that supervisors and students’ related factors contribute to the delay of postgraduate students’ completion of their thesis/dissertation in federal and state universities, south east, Nigeria. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that university management should organize mandatory yearly orientation programme for postgraduate students to equip them with research skills and also guide them on how to properly write and complete thesis/dissertation at the stipulated time

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Preschool Teachers’ Opinions about Non-Stop Education in Kindergartens

Dilek Nal
Pages: 87-95

This study aims to determine opinions of preschool teachers working in educational institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education (MoNE) in Turkey about non-stop education process. The study was conducted with 12 preschool teachers working in Kartepe and Körfez districts of Kocaeli province in Turkey. Participants of this qualitative study were selected using convenience sampling method. In the study, four questions were asked to the teachers to determine problems and difficulties they experienced in daily 300-minute non-stop education in kindergartens and effects of this practice on their students. In addition, teachers’ suggestions for alternative practices were received. The teachers’ opinions were collected using a semi-structured interview form and analyzed through the descriptive analysis method. The study found that daily 300-minutes non-stop education in kindergartens has negative effects on both teachers and students. The teachers stated that they did not meet their physiological needs, their efficiency decreased, and they were badly affected due to the current practice. The students were observed that they were bored and distracted, and they displayed behavioral problems based on the duration of this education. According to the participants, this practice is incompatible with human rights. They also had the opinion that they were treated differently from teachers in other branches and faced the problem of salary injustice. Assigning an assistant in nursery classes, allowing preschool teachers to have break times, and branch teachers’ inclusion in activities of nursey classes are suggested.

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A Study on the Correlation between the Physical Education Teacher’s Personality Traits and Their Recreational Choices

Hale ─░rkin
Pages: 96-102

The purpose of this study is to find out what physical education teachers with various qualities, who toil to improve themselves spend their off-duty time according to their personality traits and to identify the effects personality traits have on choosing an activity. The population of this study includes 328 physical education teachers who had graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and are currently working as physical education teachers in various schools. According to the significance value (p<0,05) the survey of 328 physical education teachers was deemed sufficient and the surveys were evaluated. The results of this study show that there is a weak positive correlation between a person’s personality traits and their chosen activity

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