Volume 1 Issue 1 (2019)

December 2019

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School Adaptation Problem: Examining Turkish children born abroad

Serhat ARSLAN Yasemin YILDIZ
Pages: 1-10

The purpose of this research is examining the problems encountered in the process of adaptation to school on the basis of Turkish children born abroad. The interview technique, one of the qualitative research methods has been used in this research. I, in the capacity of researcher have created semi-structured interview form. Interviews have been held with 11 students in different schools located in Istanbul and the method of purposeful sampling has been used. The students have been asked questions about the problems that they encounter with respect to the skill of using Turkish language, problems that they encounter in their relations with their teachers and friends, the interest of the counseling service and whether it is sufficient or not, what their feelings were when they returned to Turkey conclusively. The data obtained from the interviews have been analyzed using the method of descriptive analysis. The results obtained are as follows; The students underline the issues of speaking, writing and comprehension as the problems that they encounter with respect to the skill of using Turkish language. Although the ones who state that there is no problem have the same proportion, speaking, writing and comprehension prevail. Having lived in a different country since their birth contributes this significantly. The students expressed mostly the issue of comprehension as the problems that they encounter in their relations with their teachers. Since they do not have a good command of Turkish language, they naturally fail to comprehend the things told and have trouble with communication.

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Melek Sultan Kücüker
Pages: 11-26

In this study, it was aimed to determine the opinions of teachers working in vocational high schools about lifelong learning. The study group of the research consists of 30 teachers from different branches working in Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Osmangazi district of Bursa in the 2019-2020 academic year. In the study group, the views of both vocational and cultural teachers were included. In this research carried out in the case study pattern, which is one of the qualitative research methods; the data were obtained through face to face interviews and semi-structured questions prepared in line with expert opinions. The data obtained in the research were analyzed through descriptive and content analysis. When we look at the opinions of the teachers about the necessity of learning new information throughout life, the largest share of these views is that they can keep up with changing and developing conditions. When their opinions about the contributions of lifelong learning to personal development are examined, the biggest share is that lifelong learning favorably supports personal development. On the other hand, in the opinions that they give about their studies to improve themselves individually and professionally, the biggest share has been reading. When we look at the opinions they give about the reflections of the trainings they receive individually and about their profession on their professional lives, we see that the biggest share is the view of sharing information with students. When we look at the opinions that teachers give to the question of what can be done to provide students with lifelong learning skills at school, it is determined that there is an opinion about explaining the importance of lifelong learning to students in the first plan

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The Factors Affecting The Exposure Of Adolescents’ To Cyber Bullying

Sevilay Sarışık Salih Sarışık
Pages: 27-41

This study was carried out with the aim of determining the opinions regarding the factors affecting cyberbullying exposure considering the gender, age and the grades that the pupils study. The study area of the research consists of 35 8th grade students studying at Alaçam Secondary School in Sakarya, Sapanca district. İn this study, 8 questions were asked to determine the adolescents’ exposure to cyberbullying and the factors affecting this situation. Since the interviews were applied in a computer environment, the data were recorded digitally, then they were converted into written documents and data were analyzed by means of descriptive analysis method. As a result of this research; It is observed that the leading factors affecting the cyberbullying exposure of adolescents are that they do not share this situation with the school administration or teachers in the school environment. The fact that most of the adolescents do not care about the cyberbullying situation they have suffered was indicated as an effective factor. The unconscious use of social media and online gaming sites have also been indicated as a major influence on cyberbullying. In order to prevent adolescents from being exposed to cyberbullying,, it is thought that should inform their families and school administration in any incident and it is necessary to inform them about cyberbullying by the school counselling service.

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Gözde Gürer
Pages: 42-52

Preschool period is important for the development and socialization of children. In this period when children's behavior is shaped, they can learn positive or negative behavior from their social environment. This study is carried out to determine the opinions of preschool teachers regarding the aggressive behavior of their students, and the case study model, which is one of the qualitative research methods, and semi-structured interview technique as a data collection tool are used as a data collection tool. The sample of the study consists of 10 teachers working in preschool education institutions in Körfez which is a district of Kocaeli city in Turkey in 2019-2020 academic year. Descriptive analysis method is used to analyze the data obtained from the interviews form applied to teachers. As a result of the research, the type of aggression observed in pre-school students is mostly physical; it is concluded that one of the most important reasons for students to show aggressive behavior is due to the fact that children only care about their own wishes, teachers' method of coping with these behaviors is talking to the student and understanding the problem, aggression behaviors are observed more often in boys in terms of gender and when the reactions of the friends of these students who show aggressive behaviors are observed ,they prefer to stay away from their friends or show the same behavior and when the effect of the families are investigated, the students who are exposed to aggressive behaviors and wrong parent attitudes by their parents are mostly behave aggresively.

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