Resisting EFL Textbooks in the English as a Foreign Language Education System

Volume 5 Issue 4 (December2023)
Ömer Gökhan Ulum
Pages: 460-470 Download Count : 110 View Count: 171 DOI Number 10.55236/tuara.1378341 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


A society's language reflects its values, norms, and other characteristics and is considered an integral component of these traits. This would be an incomplete language education, despite the fact that it is possible to teach a language without addressing the cultural aspects of the society that speaks it. This study aims to highlight the predominance of inner circle cultural and societal traits in English language education. The evaluation of a global EFL textbook revealed that the majority of the content reflected inner circle cultural characteristics. The efficacy of this method of language instruction is a subject of debate among academics. Critics argue that this approach may perpetuate linguistic imperialism and hinder the development of intercultural communicative competence. However, proponents suggest that a standardised curriculum can provide learners with a solid foundation in the language and facilitate communication with speakers from different parts of the world


  • Kachru’s Three Concentric Circles of Englishes
  • culture
  • culture and language
  • EFL
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