Kayseri Zincidere Village Teachers’ School (1926-1932) Teachers’ Board Decision books (Meclis-i Muallimin) (1929-1932) Review

Volume 5 Issue 4 (December2023)
Savaş Karagöz
Pages: 418-432 Download Count : 126 View Count: 185 DOI Number 10.55236/tuara.1365350 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


One of the first applications for teacher training, which was seen as the locomotive of development and progress, was the issue of training village teachers. In line with this aim, the first village teacher training school was opened in September 1926 in the town of Zincidere in Kayseri. Another village teacher training school was opened in Denizli in 1927. In Turkey, many teachers were trained in just 6 years of education, and these teachers worked in the remotest corners of the country. In line with the possibilities of the period, both theoretical and practical education was provided at the village teacher training schools, which set an example for the Village Institutes to be opened later. This research, which is an examination of the decision book of the Kayseri Zincidere Village Teacher Training School Council (1929-1932), is a qualitative study and was framed with the content analysis technique. Although the school opened in 1926, the existing decision book (1929-1932) was analyzed because the book belonging to the first years of the school could not be reached. Because of the examination, it was seen that topics such as "status of one-month education, actions to be followed, disciplinary situation, books and stationery, instructions, examinations, curriculum program, discussion of one of the lessons", which will set an example for today’s teachers’ council, were emphasized. In addition, in line with the information obtained, the structure, functioning, and practices of the teachers’ boards of that period also lead to the idea that the issues discussed are more effective and efficient than the structure, functioning, and practices of today’s teachers’ boards.


  • Village teachers’ school
  • council of teachers
  • teacher training
  • teachers’ boards
  • Kayseri Zincidere Village Teachers’ Schools
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