Bibliometric Analysis of Articles on Web3

Volume 5 Issue 4 (December2023)
Pages: 433-459 Download Count : 211 View Count: 298 DOI Number 10.55236/tuara.1344352 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


In this study, it is aimed to analyze the articles on Web3 and present the general situation about Web3 to researchers. Within the scope of this purpose, the trends of the studies published on Web3 according to years, the trends of the journals in which they were published, the institutions and countries that contributed the most, the keywords used in the studies, the topics and themes based on the studies, and the distribution of research areas were revealed. The research is based on bibliometric analysis. A total of 280 articles published in WoS and SCOPUS databases were analyzed. WoSViewer and Bibliometrix programs were used in data analysis. The findings were analyzed and interpreted separately in WoS and SCOPUS. As a result of the research, there was a significant increase in studies on Web3 in 2022, and the journals with the highest number of publications in WoS and SCOPUS differ. The countries that contributed the most to Web3 were China, The USA, India, England, Germany. The most cited countries are China, the USA, India, England, Iran and Canada. In general, it can be said that countries and institutions have conducted studies on Web3 by addressing many issues related to Web3. Within the scope of the results, Web3 studies address many different disciplines with many topics. However, there is a need to deepen the studies. The policies, practices and even the laws created by countries on Web3 are important for studies on Web3. Blockchain is one of the most studied topics, but it is understood that there are some hesitations about blockchain security. For this reason, Web3 studies can be conducted to increase blockchain security


  • Web3
  • Web 3.0
  • bibliometric analysis
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