A Qualitative Study: Investigating the Decline in the Number of Application Cases in Maternity Campus during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Volume 4 Issue 2 ( July 2022)
Yavuz Bingöl Filiz Kuni Büşra Çekirge Mehtap Bolat
Pages: 59-63 Download Count : 786 View Count: 1063 DOI Number 10.55236/tuara.888749 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Any change or threat in society makes people nervous and causes changes in their behavior . Especially if the change is health related, individuals are more careful and meticulous about protecting themselves and their families. With the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, individuals began to behave differently; they started to work from home, do all their shopping online and avoid public areas. They started to behave particularly carefully in the case of going to hospitals where there are many other people due to the pandemic. In this study, the opinions of 30 families who had applied to the pediatric emergency service three times or more in the month before the Covid-19 outbreak were analysed after the outbreak. Evaluation of the results shows that 83% of the statements made by the families about protecting their children from diseases and the precautions which they follow when the children become sick clearly showed that staying away from enclosed and crowded environments protects their children from contracting diseases. As a result, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the social distancing policy shows us that the restriction on leaving the house for children under 18 is effective.


  • Pediatric emergency
  • admission to hospital
  • COVID-19
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