The Relationship between Self-Control and General Procrastination in University Students: The Mediating Role of Optimism

Volume 5 Issue 3(October 2023)
Çağla Karademir
Pages: 182-197 Download Count : 323 View Count: 424 DOI Number 10.55236/tuara.1345561 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Self-control, which is relevant to abandoning from the sudden impulses for a significant objective, the tendency of optimism meaning that good things will happen in the future, and the tendency to procrastination briefly defined as the gap between intention and action are significant variables having effects on the well-being of the individuals. In the related literature, no study was found addressing these three variables together. In this direction, the study intended to examine the mediating role of optimism in the relationship between self-control and general procrastination in the university students. The research is based on relational survey model. 327 university students having their study in the faculty of education of a state university in Turkey formed the sample of the research. The data of the research was collected by the use of brief self-control scale, general procrastination scale, optimism and pessimism scale, and adult form. SPSS 21 was used for descriptive data and Pearson correlation analysis, AMOS 23 was used for confirmatory factor analysis, and Process Macro 4.1 software (model 4) was used for the analysis of predicting and mediating relationships. In the research, it was determined that the significant relationships between self-control and general procrastination were in negative direction; that is to say, the ones between self-control and optimism were in positive direction, and the ones between optimism and general procrastination were in negative direction. Moreover, partial mediating effect of optimism was determined in the relationship between self-control and general procrastination. Self-control has significant indirect effect on general procrastination through optimism, and optimism mediates this relationship


  • Optimism
  • self-control
  • general procrastination
  • mediating role
  • process macro
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