The Evaluation of the 4th Grade English Coursebook in Terms of Teachers’ Views*

Volume 5 Issue 3(October 2023)
Kader Yağızel Şehnaz Nigar Çelik
Pages: 153-167 Download Count : 281 View Count: 435 DOI Number 10.55236/tuara.1346947 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


The role of teaching materials in English language teaching classes is relatively high. Among the teaching materials, the importance of textbooks cannot be denied. Textbooks play a fundamental role in a wide variety of materials. Despite different views about textbooks and differences of opinion about their use (Cunningsworth, 2005; Harmer, 2007; Meddings & Thornbury, 2009; Richards, 2014, 2009; Tomlinson, 2012), they are still used by most teachers. This study aims to evaluate the 4th grade English textbook in line with teachers' opinions. In this study, a mixed research method was used. The study was conducted with 115 English teachers working in Edremit, Tuşba, and İpekyolu, the central districts of Van province, in the academic year 2021-2022. "Textbook Evaluation Questionnaire" and "Semi-structured Interview Form" were used to collect data. Within the scope of the research, 12 English teachers were also interviewed. The teachers who participated in the study think that the visuals used in the book, the general appearance of their book, and the font size are reasonable. Most teachers think the book's content is appropriate for learning outcomes and teaching principles. It was determined that the teachers agreed with the items related to the exercises and activities of the book at a moderate level. Teachers think that exercises and activities should motivate students, and the exercises used in the book should be diversified. Textbooks are one of the most essential materials in the teaching process, and the process of preparing a textbook should be done by considering the curriculum, learning outcomes, and student and teacher needs. In addition to the exercises and activities used in the content of the book, the formal features of the book should also be given importance. The exercises and activities used in the textbooks prepared for young age groups should encourage students to learn and entertain them simultaneously.


  • Foreign language teaching
  • material evaluation
  • textbook evaluation
  • elt textbooks
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