Comparative Study of The Challenges of International Education Cooperation Programmes in Nigeria and Tanzania

Volume 5 Issue 2 (July 2023)
Mukaddas Tijjani Mohammed
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International development partners provide support to African countries, but Africa has been the continent in which foreign education strategies implementation become a problem due to diverse cultural differences such as religion, population and languages. This study investigated challenges the encountered in the implementation of various international education cooperation programmes in Nigeria and Tanzania. Data is generated using E-questionnaires which was designed on 4-points Likert scale and sent to respondents in Nigeria and Tanzania. A total of 100 respondents from Nigeria and Tanzania constituted the sample for the study and Simple random sampling technique was employed in selecting the respondents. Descriptive statistics using and means was used to answer research questions and one-way t-test was also used for research hypothesis at 0.5 level of significant. The study revealed that the international education cooperation programmes are faced with various challenges in the implementation processes such as religious, cultural, environment, war, hunger and corruption. The study recommends that Relevant government departments in the recipient countries should be duly informed in the matters relating to international education cooperation programmes and should be involved in the designing of education programmes.


  • Challenges
  • ─░nternational
  • Education
  • Cooperation
  • Programmes
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